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Spam + Rice+Nori=Delicious

Spam is not for everyone. However, for those who do appreciate a good bit of ground pig product, spam has a charm that crosses oceans and opens hearts. Spam musubi is one of my favorite ways of consuming spam. This dish is very easy to make so I have not exhaustively photographed all these steps this week. If you have any questions I would love to answer them in the comments section.

TL;DR for Reddit: Spam=Really thick bacon.

Spam musubi ready to be wrapped for a quick and hearty snack.

I used this recipe to make my spam musubi. The amount of sauce produced by this recipe is excessive I recommend using these proportions (1 part oyster sauce, 1 part soy sauce, 2 parts sugar) to create only as much sauce as you need. I am also not convinced that the oyster sauce is vital to the recipe. It certainly adds another dimension of flavor but I think a simple 50/50 soy sauce and sugar mix would be just as good. Also, I did not marinate the spam prior to cooking because I prefer to fry the spam up before slathering it in sauce.

This picture is from the halfway mark of cooking. The mixture boiled down and caramelized fairly easily so I continually spooned sauce over the spam.

I used a single sheet of nori cut in half for my spam musubi. If you want to make the final product prettier I would suggest trimming the sheets narrower so they do not hang over ends of the musubi.

You could buy one of these to mold your musubi but I am an acolyte of His Holiness and believe that you should avoid buying kitchen gear that only has one use. To that end: Make your own musubi mold. Your spam came in a conveniently shaped container. Saw the bottom off and you have a free musubi mold. I would suggest using a hobby saw to make the cut. I used both a hobby saw and a heavy x-acto blade to make the cuts. The x-acto blade was faster but the cuts were ugly and I had to take extra time to clean it up.

Total, I used half a cup of rice for each of these musubi’s. I split the rice in half and tapped the rice down with the back of a spoon.

After I added the first layer of rice, I slipped the cooked spam down on top along with a layer of the sauce.

After laying down the last bit of rice I squeezed the can to release the stacks of delicious rice and spam.

Furikake comes in a wide assortment of flavors. I added a bit to the musubi to give it a little color and extra flavor.

Finally, I flipped the sides up and used a wet finger to seal the nori together. If you use hot rice the musubi will more or less seal the musubi for you.


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